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June Regents and final exam schedule
The schedule for Regents and final exams can be viewed HERE.
High School awards celebrate students' accomplishments

Photo of top students for class of 2013More than 60 students at Glens Falls High School were honored with 89 different awards, scholarships and other designations at the school’s annual awards program on June 4. The event began with recognition of the Class of 2013’s Top Students, including valedictorian Allyce Morrissey, salutatorian Jordan Griffen, and Tori Agnew, Kate Clements, Colin Diamond, John Endieveri, Jack Girard, Bailey Harrison, Emily Moses, Helena Rabin, and Justice Spear. The traditional “top ten” is actually eleven students deep this year, due to a shared ranking.

For more details on each of the Top Students and a complete listing of all awards given out on June 4, SEE THE HIGH SCHOOL'S AWARDS AND HONORS PAGE
Jerry Casertino's writing on equality wins Law Day essay contest

Photo of Jerry and Peter Casertino"The American government’s ability to change with the times and expand to improve the rights and quality of life for all people is one of the reasons America and its legal system are the greatest in the world." With those words and more, GFHS Junior Jerry Casertino won this year’s Warren County Bar Association Law Day Essay Contest. Open to all students in Warren County, the essay question asked students to outline the definition of equality and address how the definition of equality has changed over time.

“From 1776 to now, many groups of people have fought for their rights to do things such as own property, vote, and have equal protection under the law,” Jerry wrote in his winning essay. “Many of them were successful in achieving these goals, and many other groups are still waiting for their turn to fight. Laws at all levels of government are constantly morphing to include or remove certain laws, and that is one of the things that makes our government system so successful when compared to others.

“One of the greatest things about the Constitution that continues to make the 356 year old document relevant today is the amendment process. Huge steps have been taken towards achieving full equality by many amendments. For African Americans, their time to gain more equality started in 1865 with the passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments… Women of all races were given their rights with the passing of the 19th amendment in 1920…

“As time progressed, the definition of equality changed to mean much more than rights to white men, and has included many more groups of people. The definition of equality will continue to change forever as new groups receive their chance.”

Jerry’s award was presented at the "Law Day" breakfast at Hiland County Club on Friday May 3, where many of the judges and attorneys in the county gathered to hear Penny Andrews, Dean of the Albany Law School, speak about legal equality.   
"Jimmerosity" initiative raises money for GFHS Kids' Cash Fund
Photo of pizza tickets
Glens Falls school community members can now team up with the Fredette Family Foundation to help raise money for the Glens Falls High School “Kids’ Cash Fund.” During the month of June, the Foundation will be selling $15 tickets for one large Angelina’s pizza, with all proceeds going to the Kids Cash Fund.

The Fund supports students in grades 9-12 by funding opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. “In the past, the Fund has been used for things like eyeglasses, a new pair of sneakers, sending a kid to camp in the summer—things that really benefit our Glens Falls students,” says athletic director Chip Corlew.

The pizza tickets—a “Jimmerosity” initiative of the Fredette Family Foundation—will be on sale at faculty meetings, the spring varsity sports awards ceremony, at the middle school’s spirit day, and throughout the month of June in the main office of the high school. They can be used for a large pizza until June 30, 2013.

GFSD offers summer camps in art and sports

The GFSD Art and Athletic Departments are offering summer courses, clinics and camps for all students, district-wide:

Art classes for students entering grades K-5 take place over a three-week period in the Glens Falls Middle School art rooms. Classes are held four days of the week from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Students participate in all kinds of projects, including drawing, painting, ceramics, fabric art, origami, jewelry, and other various crafts. READ THE FULL ELEMENTARY ART PROGRAM BROCHURE HERE

Six different art classes are also offered for students entering grades 6-12 this summer. Classes are held four days of the week from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. The program goal is to provide enriching lessons that allow children to express and build their individual creativity in an engaging atmosphere with other children. READ THE FULL ART PROGRAM BROCHURE HERE

Sports camps are also being offered by the GFSD Athletic Department. Students can participate in camps for swimming, diving, soccer, triathlon, hockey, baseball, softball, field hockey and girls' lacrosse. Super Hooper basketball camp registration is also now open! The program runs August 5-9, with the boys' camp in the morning, and the girls' camp in the afternoon. READ THE FULL SPORTS CAMP BROCHURE HERE
Glens Falls residents vote “Yes” on the 2013-14 school budget -- Capital reserve expenditures approved; Bus purchase approved

May 21, 2013—Glens Falls City School District residents approved the 2013-14 school budget today by a margin of 730 "yes" votes to 192 “no” votes – a 79 percent approval rate. The $38.3 million spending plan represents a budget-to-budget spending decrease of $660,465, or 1.7 percent. The approved budget uses $1.7 million in savings from previous years to keep the tax levy increase to 2.5 percent for next school year. Nearly 15 staff and teaching positions are eliminated within the proposal. Some of the district’s special education, health services, and enrichment programs are being restructured into new delivery models.

Voters also approved expenditures from the capital reserve fund for repairs and renovations at several of the district’s school buildings, and the purchase of a replacement school bus. The capital reserve proposition passed by a vote of 728 to 181; the school bus purchase proposition passed by a vote of 665 to 248.

Jeremy Deason and Leslee Kunst were elected to the Board of Education. Mr. Deason will begin a five-year term on July 1, 2013, after receiving 666 votes. Ms. Kunst will begin a four-year term on May 22, 2013, to fill a vacancy that occurred earlier this year. Ms. Kunst received 175 write-in votes.
"Teacher of the Week" honored: Margaret Sawyer

photo of Margaret Sawyer with plaque and flowersCongratulations to high school nurse Margaret Sawyer, for being named "Teacher of the Week" by Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union! Along with radio announcements that have run on 100.3 FM, on Tuesday she received a plaque, flowers and other gifts to recognize her commitment to students.

Mrs. Sawyer was described this way in her nomination:  “Recently, Mrs. Sawyer was a chaperone at the Glens Falls after-prom and during that event a gentleman was stricken with severe chest pains and having difficulty breathing.  Mrs. Sawyer immediately got her medical bag and began an assessment of the man’s condition.  She remained calm and was able to help him until medical paramedics arrived on the scene.  Her actions were critical during this difficult emergency situation.  For her efforts that evening, we congratulate Mrs. Margaret Sawyer!”
Six student-athletes honored with the Grandstanders' Senior Sports Award and scholarship

Photo of scholarship winnersCheering fans recognized many of Glens Falls’ senior athletes at the Grandstanders Senior Sports Award Banquet on May 15. Nearly 300 people attended the annual celebratory dinner at Heritage Hall, where student-athletes in every sport were honored for their accomplishments.

Grandstanders’ 2013 Senior Sports Award scholarship winners are: Tyler Mello (hockey and lacrosse), Cam Girard (football and basketball), Jack Girard (soccer and swimming), Bridget Resse (cross-country running, Nordic skiing, and track), Emma Morrissey (tennis and lacrosse), and Tori Agnew (basketball and softball).

“If you look at what these student-athletes have in common, not only are they very good athletes, but they’re hard workers both in and out of the classroom,” said Athletic Director Chip Corlew. To be considered for one of the $500 scholarships, the student-athletes must have maintained at least a “B” average, be a solid role model, and letter in at least one varsity sport.

The Grandstanders Sports Booster Club's mission is to promote and support all Glens Falls athletic programs by providing financial assistance and a volunteer "workforce" to help provide a quality experience for every student athlete.
HS students shine in Business Day competition

Photo of Spencer BrayGlens Falls High School had several “top-five” finishers at the 20th annual High School Business Day Competition at SUNY Adirondack May 7th. “This is a day of testing and competitions in business course material for students from many schools in the area,” says high school business teacher Robert Amberger.

Nearly 300 students from area high schools competed in various business exams in the morning. After lunch, the results were tabulated and by early afternoon students and teachers gathered for an awards ceremony, according to the Adirondack Business Educators Association, one of the event’s sponsors. 

From GFHS, Spencer Bray took second place in the CISCO Computer Networking Quiz Bowl, and third place in the PC Quiz Bowl. James Coffey took fifth place in Computer Literacy. Ben Collins took third place in Economics, and Donovan Baker took fifth place in Personal Finance.

This year’s Business Day theme was "e-ship for entrepreneurship."

Register now for GFSD summer sports camps & clinics

Summer sports camps are being offered by the GFSD Athletic Department. Students can participate in camps for swimming, diving, soccer, triathlon, hockey, baseball, softball, field hockey and girls' lacrosse. Super Hooper basketball camp registration is also now open! The program runs August 5-9, with the boys' camp in the morning, and the girls' camp in the afternoon. READ THE FULL SPORTS CAMP BROCHURE HERE
Recognizing outstanding teaching and learning during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10

Photo of karen Mars with studentGlens Falls City School District is recognizing national Teacher Appreciation Week by highlighting committed and enthusiastic teachers from every one of our schools each day this week.

Friday's honoree is art teacher Karen Mars, who works with students at Glens Falls High School. READ MORE HERE

Check back every day for a look inside some of the most dynamic classrooms around our district.
Visiting artist helps advanced pottery students explore “saggar firing”

Photo of visiting artistAdvanced pottery students benefitted from the expertise of a local visiting artist this spring—and now a student’s “saggard” piece is on display at the Hyde.

After displaying saggard pottery in the high school’s Art Expo last year, artist Chris Walton spent time in Karen Mars’ advanced pottery class this year to help students understand saggar firing and the history of this particular approach of glazing from ancient Greece. “By enclosing the pottery in another container with certain chemicals, the clay will achieve unpredictable smoky effects of various reds, oranges and blacks created by the fumes,” said Mrs. Mars. Photo of Amanda Beswick

Mrs. Walton took the student work to her studio on Glen Street and completed the firing process there. “Students were extremely pleased with their new style of glazing,” said Mrs. Mars. One of Nathan Didio’s saggared pieces was chosen to be in the Hyde Museum’s Juried Student Show which will be on exhibit at the Hyde until Sunday, May 26th. 
Photo of pottery by Nathan Didio
Additional saggared pieces will be on display at this year’s Art Expo scheduled for Thursday evening, May 23rd from 6:30 to 8:30 at the High School.

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